My first week back has given me a lot to think about to say the least. There have been project briefs galore. However, one of the most important ones of course is my Major project. The brief for this is extremely open and allows/encourages for designers to be as creative, conceptual & innovative as they like. So I’ve spent part of my time this week thinking about where I want to start. I know that I have to make 6 final outfits at the end of the project. But I need to start my research now to help my ideas develop and be ready to start toiling after the Christmas break.


I started by asking myself relatable questions as this seemed like the best way to start my ideas flowing.

What do I enjoy?

Screen printing, Beadwork/Applique, Drawing, Crochet.

What interests me?

Historical pastimes (identifiable trends throughout history), Vastness between the catwalk & the high street, Styling complete outfits, Vintage/Boutique.

Who Inspires me?

Large fashion houses (Dior), Alberta Ferretti, Horst, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney.

What sparks reactions in me?

Stereotypes, Racism, Injustice, Emotions, Love, Family, Memories, Stories (Magazines, News, Facebook/Social Media, Word of Mouth)

– From doing this I have evidently started my thought process and begun to pull on elements that are important to me. This is essential to the success of any project as if you don’t enjoy what you are researching/working on, then the outcome will more than likely reflect this lack of enthusiasm. Therefore I have pin pointed areas in which I can start to explore and start building my ideas.


Using the answers I’ve given to my questions, I am going to start mapping ideas – so for the first question I am going to think of possible ideas where I could take them. As I also stated who inspires me, I believe it will be beneficial for me to start researching into their work more. To do this I will no doubt do some reading rather than just internet based research.


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