ART002-3 Key ideas in Art & Design: Current Debates

(Research Portfolio Brief)

This piece of writing is going to be essential for future career paths and interviews as this will be what people will want to see and judge you on.

Need to have decided what I want to do for my Final Major Project by the end of this week; make sure it is interesting enough so that I will not get bored.

eg; someone has decided that he wants to do his project on branding. OR Inspiration of  designer such as Vivienne Westwood; punk era; ask yourself questions to research; what inspired her? what was going on at that time?

  • Need to create mind maps/ diagrams
  • Read and research up to date information
  • Type notes and upload them to journal
  • Collect essay handbook
  • Need to start writing this by the end of the week!!
  • Find something that you want to explore and investigate so that it holds you interest which will make your work more successful do to your motivation
  • Must relate to your practical work concept in some way.
  • Include pictures
  • Work with ‘friends’ aka; colleagues as working alone is less beneficial
  • Go and visit Chris (Librarian!)
  • This essay will link closely to FMP practical project but must be able to contextualise this!
  • Idea for project & essay – Fashion Print, Crochet, Laser Cutting, Manipulation, Pop Culture?
  • Download the Referencing Guide

Basic Requirements

  • Essay is worth 70% of unit
  • Deadline is 8th December 2014
  • 30% is the actual research journal

Becky’s talk regarding the journal.


What is it?

WHAT; Describing what it is

SO WHAT; Why has this been important, What have you learnt from researching etc

NOW WHAT; Take action – what is your next step going forward

Where to start your process?

Looking at lots of books/internet (take with a pinch of salt as books have tighter editing regulations than internet)

(Gemma Marmalade research talk…are there any going on?)

Research IS NOT just information gathering.

Annotate everything that you collect with your thoughts, they want to see how we deconstruct information, take it down and how we extract what we want to use and how we use it.

Primary & Secondary research; PRIMARY = Your Work, SECONDARY= Someone Else’s Work

JOURNAL; Include exhibitions, Tutorials, Seminars

Uni Recommends six entries into your journal per week of around 200 words.

Think about describing and critically annotating your journey as this is what the marking audience wants to see.

‘Quote – Process is more important than the outcome” “Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child)” “Capture accidents & make mistakes”

Quote Albert Einstien “A person who never made a mistake has never lived….”

ADD an industry Friday section to journal and need to attend at least 4 per term and write 200 words about them.


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