• In response to my first lecture of this unit, I have obtained a copy of the essay handbook & downloaded and printed the referencing guide ready for my writing.
  • By the end of the week I need to know what I want to do for my Final Major Project as the basis of this will be a large contribution of my essay.
  • I have so many ideas floating around my head at the moment, I need to start getting some ideas down on paper and thinking about what direction I want to go in.


  • It is important for me to decide what I want to do for my FMP as there will be a lot of research involved throughout the year both for this essay/journal & my practical work.
  • By getting my ideas on paper, it will allow me to create a clearer view of my thoughts and enable me to start working out the best ideas for me.


  • I’m going to start putting some ideas on paper through mind maps and use additional ideas to see how I might take these ideas further. I can then start to filter out the ‘rubbish’ and focus on the more contextual/original ideas.

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