• I’ve created a mind map with my initial ideas on to help me gain a clearer view of what I want to focus on for my FMP and subsequently, my essay.
  • Using these initial ideas, I’ve then been able to expand on these by thinking about final execution within my practical work and also how these could be related through this piece of academic writing.


  • This has enabled me to narrow my ideas down to a few key ones (which I have also detailed in the document uploads below)
  • My final considerations are: Crochet, Fashion Print, Vintage Fashion & Fabric Manipulation.
  • I chose these as they are all of interest to me and areas that I would like to explore further. Obviously I won’t be able to use everyone of them but I’m sure that if I wanted to I would be able to incorporate more than one idea into my work/essay.


  • Using these idea, I am going to take research into each one further and see which one captures my interest the most as this is an important aspect of this unit – interest. If I don’t find my topic interesting, then neither will my audience. This will allow my to finalise my decision and start to plan my essay context.

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