Since the project briefing, I decided to start my research off by looking into the fashion east initiative. What it is, who is involved, what they do etc. So from my research, I know that Fashion East is a non profit organisations that was established in 2000 by the Old Truman Brewery. They are sponsored by big name brands such as Topshop. They specialise in aiding emerging designers in the challenging early stages of their careers Every season they provide the opportunity for her menswear & three womenswear designers to showcase a collection in front of the buyers and international media that attend London Fashion Week. The designers are given a large support base which includes a bursary, guidance, production & much more. The main headliner of this organisation is Lulu Kennedy.

URL: http://www.fashioneast.co.uk


So from my research, I have learnt what Fashion East is for and what they aim to achieve through their initiative. Who is involved with this scheme & how this would benefit young/emerging designers.


I am now going to look through the long list of designers that have benefitted from Fashion East and create my own shortlist, then I will narrow this down to one by looking through their work and choose one designer to research in much further depth.

Below is a link to the more detailed document that I created on Fashion East & this project. 



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