• So I’ve used my time over the weekend to explore my chosen initial ideas further. Although it was very difficult, I have decided what I want the basis of my FMP to be. I have chosen Crochet.


  • I chose this because I felt that it was different to what my peers would be doing, also it is something that is personal & close to my heart.
  • I was taught to crochet as a child by my mother & she was taught by her Nan. It was something that I hadn’t practiced for may years until Summer this year. My sister was pregnant and spent a lot of time crocheting blankets ready for her baby (like my Great Nan did for us as babies). Watching her recaptured my interest in this craft and I was quickly hooked (pun intended) back into it.
  • I learnt some more technical stitches and honed my skills by creating endless amounts of scarves for friends and family. And whilst doing this, I often felt like this would be something I would like to use for my FMP.
  • I think that this will make my work more personal and have an interesting story telling journey.


  • Now that I have chosen the basis of my FMP, I am going to explore how I might include this within my work and how this could be a topic of discussion for my essay content.

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