• I have been looking at how I might use crochet within my FMP as this will help me to build and idea for my essay context.
  • So to start with, I looked at crochet in fashion as this was a popular past time within history.
  • Then I looked at crochet & art as looking at other areas of design is always a great way to widen research and get inspired.
  • I also looked at the historical side of crochet, where it came from? As understanding my context is critical – although I don’t need to write about everything in my essay, by researching thoroughly I can display in informed range of knowledge.


  • From these research areas, I’ve learnt that crochet was a popular craft in the 1960s & 70s which led to my exploration of vintage design.
  • I found some inspiring artists when researching into crochet as an art form which opened my eyes to new ways of using yarn which would make some great experimentation for my FMP.
  • I also learnt a lot about the history of crochet which is oddly rather mysterious. There is no clear evidence of when this technique began or where. There are numerous references to the use of it throughout many cultures although ultimately the word crochet is a French word meaning ‘hook’. This could therefore suggest its true establishment as a craft.


  • I am going to continue my research to develop my conceptual ideas further.

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