Todays session was very self directed, I began my design process using light weight calico and experimenting with this by draping it on the stand.

Personally, I find it much easier to visualise a design on a 2D scale block and using my imagination to theorise how I want it to work on the stand.

As I have identified this as a weakness, I made an effort today to work on this skill to improve my technique and used my time to drape straight onto the stand, incorporating different methods such as ruffles, pleats, darts & gathers.

I photographed my work to document the process that I followed and to allow me to refer back to my experiments should I want to take certain aspects from certain outcomes.

One idea that I particularly liked was a large cowling neck piece that stood out to me. I’ve considered focussing my FMP around fashion print but I also have a desire to incorporate crochet into my work.

I spoke to our technician to see how I might incorporate this into my design. I asked questions such as, would knitwear need a pattern piece as such? Yes, even if it was just a square piece of pattern paper that showed the measurements for that section. Could I incorporate both Print & crochet into my work? Yes, of course as it allows you to showcase & professionally practice the area you are interested in.

I then logically began thinking how I could work my experiment into a pattern piece – I decided to use a plain bodice block as a starting point in my next session and continue my design process from there.

WHAT: I used lightweight calico to drape on the stand & identified my strengths/weaknesses in this area.

SO WHAT: I now know how I am able to work to the best of my ability which will make my work more successful & allow me to incorporate the elements I want to explore further for this project & my FMP.

NOW WHAT: Using the images I took today, I will experiment with these further in CAD, continue to work on the stand to develop my ideas & conduct primary & secondary research to support my work.

Here are the images of the work I completed in the session today.

IMG_5628 IMG_5629 IMG_5630IMG_5622IMG_5623IMG_5624IMG_5625IMG_5626


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