Since my last entry, I have created mind maps for my own research and expanded on these. I used them to guide my initial research. I’ve been looking at screen printing & how this is used within industry.




I looked at printing powerhouse Basso & Brooke as they are renowned for their work in this area. And whom I became aware of in my first year of Uni through one of the projects I completed. Although 2014 they seem to be focussed primarily on menswear, there is still some interesting research material to look at to understand how amazing print can be. (some of the online resources I used below)





I also looked at companies who specialise in print and also came across a website that offered ethical t-shirt printing:



I’ve learnt that screen printing is another way to add a creative flare to fashion design. It offers another approach (a more personal one) to using printed fabrics rather than pre-printed material. I have also become aware of how this technology has advanced. There are more than just the standard squeegee approaches to printing and digital inkjet technology is apparently becoming more preferable.

By looking into printing, it has opened my eyes more to the different options available should I take this road for my final collection.


As I am still finding my feet for this project, I think it would serve me well to do some further reading on this topic so I can make an informed decision on where I want to take my work.


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