This week I looked through the designers that have previously been involved with Fashion East and chose a shortlist which included:

Holly Fulton

Gareth Pugh

House of Holland

Jonathan Saunders

James Long

Michael Van Der Ham

Louise Goldin

Felicity Brown

Although this looks like an extensive list for a shortlist, I wanted to be sure that I had looked at a range of designers before deciding on one. Some are obviously more well known than others, with Gareth Pugh & House of Holland being recognised instantly. I considered these as they are established and are featured widely within the industry.


From my shortlist I was able to narrow my designers down to one. For this project, I am going to research Louise Goldin. I found her work very inspiring and was surprised that I had not come across it before. I was excited about her collections and instantly wanted to know more about her and how she developed her style, range & her history.


Now that I have decided who I want to research for this project, I am going to start by looking at Goldin’s catwalk collections, starting with her earliest work, right up to her most recent.

Below is my mind map of Fashion East designers.

Fashion East Designers


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