This is my research in more depth of the areas I have been looking into. An artist that I particularly liked & felt inspired by was Joana Vasconcelos. She is a French artist who now lives and works in Portugal. She uses crochet as a large installation tool to create massive pieces of artwork.

She incorporates other media such as lighting to enhance the effects of her work & the finished pieces are truly sensational. The amount of time that must be taken to produce such large, intricate, handmade installations could be compared to that of haute couture fashion!


From researching her work, it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of using a method like this and how this could be my original angle that sets my work apart from my colleagues/competition. Her conceptual ideas behind her work is largely focused on social class & women in particular (which could probably stem from historical stereotypes within society).

Although she uses historical influences to drive her work, she undoubtedly has a modern approach to her execution of work. Which has helped me to think further about what frameworks & theoretical influences I want to include and help to underpin my essay context.


I am going to continue to research artists and other areas to help strengthen & direct my studies as I need to start developing discussion/context ideas for this essay.


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