Using the photographs I took from my first session of draping, I edited these in CAD slightly, just to change the exposure & saturation slightly – then printed these off. This gave me a lighter image which I could then sketch on top of which worked really well as I could sketch in details that may not have been seen in the original photo. I also felt that this editing left me with a crisper image of my work which I liked. Whilst in the studio, I spoke to the technician about working on the stand – as I am not 100% confident in this way of working. She said that there was nothing to stop me from using a block as a starting point and then draping/building on top of that on the stand. So I made a standard bodice block & cut this out in lightweight calico, so that I can use this in my developmental design process.


By doing this I have discovered ways of enhancing my work by using more than just CAD but through mixed media. This will no doubt be essential for my FMP & other projects for this year. Even at this first stage, I can continue these skills through my work and believe that it will help me relate my design process clearly. By using a block, I can also build on my 3D design skills and develop my work on the stand.


Now I‘ve begun this draping process for this project, I am going to continue to work on the stand but I am going to start working with the bodice block to work out where I want to go with this. For FAD I looked at surface pattern & for this I’m considering looking at fabric manipulation as this is a possible topic that I’d like to discuss for my essay and also use in my FMP which would link them nicely. I also want to use my inspiration of crochet for my FMP which I believe I should incorporate into this project. I have a tutorial session on Monday 27th October to discuss my work so will talk about my ideas with my tutor then.

Below are some examples of the work that I’ve done since my first workshop session. 



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