I have been using my research and trying to incorporate this into my crochet by experimenting with different stitches. Generally I have been using 4ply yarns to see how I can use this within my FMP work and how this could translate into a discussion topic that has contextual substance.


I’ve started to consider the possible topics that could be discussed for my essay relating to my FMP as I am constantly reminded, this piece of writing has to inform my FMP concept and have a relation to my work. A few of my initial topic ideas are:

  • A History of Crochet – as this has mysterious background and not much is known about its origin. Also I could potentially discuss how the craft was used throughout history & how it has evolved to the modern day.
  • Crochet in Fashion – This is something that I believe could be a good discussion point, however I am unsure as it could possibly be slightly limiting for a 4000 word essay.
  • Personal elements within design (handmade/story telling) – I think that this has potential as a discussion topic. Creating something for a loved one or even for your own benefit creates a story within its own right. All designers are storytellers, whether they know their story or not.


Now that I have developed my initial topic areas, I am going to research into how I can use these and start developing an essay plan. As this topic must inform my FMP & also be interesting, and able to carry through 4,000 words.

Essay Blog Suport 2


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