Whilst researching printing, I found an article by well known fashion blogger; Susanna Lau (aka; SusieBubble).


It was about print works in fashion – It wasn’t about screen printing, but a more descriptive piece about the new technologies within fashion & how these have been executed well by some and spoiled by others. She credits the work of Mary Katranatzou & Peter Pilotto.

A large focus of the piece was about designers Gavin & Mika (whom I’d not heard of before) and who started the company/brand Insley & Nash.

She emphasises the lack of London based screen printers that specialise in fashion so clearly Insley & Nash have found a niche market within the industry to cater for.

An interesting comment was made by Insley (2012, cited in Lau, 2012) who stated that the newer generations of graduates within fashion and textiles will be less likely to be educated in the traditional process of screen printing.


As a soon to be graduate, it is important for my to be aware of my own skills and those of my competitors. Luckily for me, I am well informed of the screen printing process but lesser so in the more modern digital methods which could simply be due to the facilities that are available to me at this time. This has also helped me to further think about whether this is the area I want to explore for my major project. I feel like I could be limiting myself by choosing this direction. After my research I think I am pulling away from printing and am finding myself wanting to explore other options.


I am going to go back to my initial questions and explore other areas of interest to me. From a glance at the list, I am thinking that I want to look at more textile based ideas so will probably look into crochet & appliqué.


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