I have continued my research into different artists & crochet within fashion. Another artist who’s work I found interesting was Swedish artist Inger Carina. Originally she was disciplined in Fine Art but branched out to into crafts and developed a flare for this. She is a very literal artist, she takes objects and replicates them in crochet form.



This has shown a different approach from Vasconcelos’s work. The literal interpretation is about taking something that isn’t made from textiles and creating it from that. One iconic piece of Carina’s work is a crocheted handgun. Something that in real life is aggressive, ugly, hard & cold she transforms this into something frilly, pretty and therefore the opposite of what the real object represents. Ultimately, she is changing the audiences view on an object. I felt that this was a clever, conceptual method of working and successful in its meaning. The relationship that people have with these objects changes..This has both helped me with my FMP research & essay.


Now that I have looked into some different approaches to the use of crochet, I am going to further my own experiments and try crocheting with different materials to see how this works & whether this is something that I could use for my FMP. I also this this will be beneficial research to my essay as this could relate to frameworks such aesthetics, commercial & also other issues such as symbolism.



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