I have spent the day trying to crochet with different materials & also thinking about frameworks at the same time. I tried plastic bags (maybe an obvious choice) to point towards environmental issues and how might this be a new take on translating into fashion. I then tried different fabrics to see how they worked as it is important for any designer to understand the materials they’re working with.


By doing this is has helped me to think further about what frameworks I want to approach within my discussion which will ultimately drive my essay writing. As was expressed in my first lecture for this unit “Love your experiments” which has greatly influenced my want to test these ideas as this is the research that will build a strong concept and help contextualise both my FMP & essay.


Now I am going to think about frameworks, in my second year I was given a hand out that helped to build a synopsis for my essay and outlined areas, issues and discussion directions. I am going to look at these and decide what topics I want to raise within my essay


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