Title: Lecture Three

Subject: Research and Writing your essay

  • What you choose to do subjects that influence your practice
  • What is going to drive my thinking when creating my collection
  • Elements to your research & writing your essay
  • Research, planning, writing
  • Should be informing your FMP which should be based around your passion and love for the industry
  • Editor of Vice magazine is the industry talker for this Friday.
  • Important magazine for fashion as it communicates the current trends
  • Balance between academic & informed writing; so need to show your referencing but also use your skills as a creative practitioner to relay your ideas/thoughts
  • the essay for the unit is more routed in your practice.
  • You have to think of the title for your essay, this isn’t provided like previous years & agree this with your tutor
  • situating your own practice into a methodological, historical, intellectual context and acts as an in depth research essay to inform your FMP
  • Example that Colin gave was to do a collection influenced by fast food by pulling on cultural aspects such as obesity, fast food cravings and then use this to contrast against fashion by pulling on the aspects such as people in fashion are overly skinny (supermodels) as they don’t eat properly, the visual image of fashion is portrayed by skinny people.
  • You’re interpreting a subject
  • Many things can influence you such as your ethnicity, & your view of the world etc.
  • The essay is also an opportunity to write about creative process, method, innovative approach(es), business applications for your work.
  • Its about looking whats out there and taking certain elements of it and using it to interpret
  • Incorporating the 5 senses into design (the oil clock) very few people use sound & smell in their work which is something that we should all be thinking about as this would give our work a creative edge.
  • Don’t be scared to use this innovational thinking.
  • Don’t be shy to look at the business content of your work.
  • Video: Fashion Forward: (Try and look at it on YouTube)
  • Recap: Essay for this project is directly linked to your FMP, choose something that interests you, do not plagorise, the subject will inform your FMP BUT you can incorporate other aspects that may not be included in you FMP. Make the right choices as this will affect your employment/career path after graduation.
  • Vincent Douglas

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