Since deciding on Louise Goldin as my designer for this project, I have been extensively researching her work. I started with her graduate collection & her working history, how she moved up so quickly in her career. She was recognised for her creative, unique knits that are now her renowned signature style.


I have learnt how she created a name for herself & what schemes she has been involved with. Some of these I had not heard of before which of course has opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there in the industry. I wasn’t aware that there were so many opportunities/support for emerging designers to be part of. As I have researched Goldin’s collections thoroughly, I am able to see how her style has changed over the years & how she has developed her label into something international & special.


Now I am going to look at the other schemes Goldin has been involved with and also collaborations that she has worked on with other designers/brands. This is an important area for any creative designer as it is common for different paths to cross such as fashion photography, graphic design, advertising etc.

Below is a link to a document that I made, outlining all the areas of Louise Goldin’s work/brand that I want to research.

Louise Goldin Mind Map

Below are images of Goldin’s collections since her breakthrough at Fashion East to S/S 2014.

Louise GoldinLouise Goldin 2008 to 2009Louise Goldin 2009Louise Goldin 2010Louise Goldin 2011Louise Goldin 2013Louise Goldin 2014


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