• He studied the London college of communication.
  • At Vice there are 8 european managers for the international magazines.
  • The first editions of vice were very casual, light hearted and full of offensive jokes but now they’re more conservative and cover serious issues but still remaining their casual style.
  • Vice is now an international success that aims for a global perspective at a younger audience.
  • They made a film about British council houses being used for illegal reasons such as prostitution, drug houses etc.
  • Asked: What do printed magazines still offer compared to online magazines?
  • Answer: Print magazines have a more professional feel and a better running order of photos, better photo management. Website magazines are poorly managed with a majority of them focusing on online videos.
  • Asked: What story did you find most difficult?
  • Answer: A story on Belfast and Rochdale, reports on young people, it was a difficult subject as it was focussed on unemployability and was worried that it would perceive the youths featured in a bad light to the audience. However he added that this was 7 years ago when he was new, inexperienced and nervous at the time.
  • Asked: What is your main target audience?
  • Answer: 18 – 35. 78,000 uk based magazines are distributed – it is funded by advertising with its content shared on other platforms. Being a free magazine, advertisements sold through the magazine covers the costs of printing and distribution etc.
  • Asked: What is your biggest story yet?
  • Answer: Islamic State – They launched a documentary that attracted huge attention and coverage and went on to mainstream media. They were acknowledged by news ‘Vice magazine ‘Syria coverage and south Sudan’.

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