I have been researching into some past influencers of the fashion industry. One of the names that I indicated was Katherine Hamnett. She was a large figure within the 1980s especially with her iconic “CHOOSE LIFE” T-Shirt. I saw this last year at the Club to Catwalk exhibition featured at the V&A. Although she is a very ‘out there’ designer, she is actually a very ethical practitioner. She is very particular in her process right down to the farmers she uses. She isn’t alone in her views methods though as there are some other big industry names that are also proud of being ethical such as Stella McCartney & Gareth Pugh.


This is important when looking into the business side of research and fashion as ethical design is a big topic in the modern day era. Sustainability is a huge market right now and some big retailers such as H&M even offer a complete sustainable fashion range. When I began this research it was intended to look at the influences behind Hamnetts work yet I have found a new area that I had not really considered before. In today’s lecture, it was mentioned that we should look at the business side of our disciplines as it is important to understand how the industry works. This will be essential for my major project and allow me to cover every aspect of my working progress.


I am going to continue my research and I am going to research into cultural design. Japanese fashion designers produce some of the most influential catwalk collections & are very forward thinking.


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