I had my tutorial with Janet my tutor today & we discussed my work for all my projects including creative pattern cutting. She was particularly enthusiastic about my plans to incorporate crochet into my FMP. We talked about how I could include this into my creative pattern cutting and decided that the best way to work this out would be to continue my experimentation on the stand using my bodice block. I received positive feedback for the work that I’d done which was encouraging.


Now that I know I’m on the right tracks to creating a really conceptual piece for my FMP, I am now going to work with this idea for my creative pattern cutting. This will not only link my projects together, but it will also allow me to experiment before I start my FMP work. I can include the work I do now into both projects and explore different pathways fully which will in addition, help me with my essay. This is essential as it will allow my work to flow coherently in my professional portfolio.


I plan to experiment further on the stand and use my bodice block as a base to drape around. I am also going to enhance my own crochet skills to explore different stiches and also to start looking at how I might incorporate this into my creative pattern cutting.


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