Today in the studio I stuck to my plans of using my bodice block, I pinned it to the stand and added some darts to mould the fabric to the silhouette. I then remembered the photos that I took of my last experiments on the stand so decided to take a photo of this plain block that I’d made. I thought that I could use tracing paper to try out sketching different ideas and see what direction I wanted to take this in.


I printed off these pictures and outside of studio time I worked on to them with tracing paper, firstly experimenting with moving the darts around, very basic but as this is a pattern cutting project, I felt it was important for me to consider these simple aspects to the design process. I then started sketching some ideas of draping on top of the bodice. I was drawn to the neck and creating something that rises off of the shoulders.


Using these drawings, I am going to experiment on the stand with this idea of manipulating the fabric off of the shoulders. I’ll then continue this process of sketching on top of my photographs as I am finding it a creative and successful way of working through my practical thinking.

Below are the images of the plain bodice & then my developmental work from my sketchbook.




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