This week, I have spent my time researching into Goldin’s work history. This includes the other schemes that she has been involved with since Fashion East. One of these is a scheme called Fashion Forward which is fronted by the British Fashion Council. In January 2010, Goldin was announced as the winner of the talented designer award. Golden won this award shortly after the release of her first footwear range which was created in collaboration with Topshop. She was selected from a shortlist of designers that included fashion print gurus Basso & Brooke.


From this research, I have learnt about the benefits of collaboration, organisations that are involved in other award schemes such as Fashion Forward & also who some of Goldin’s competition is.


From this I am now going to move my research forward and start looking at Goldin’s work experience & history. This is important as understanding her career path as part of this project includes the professional industry journey she has been on to establish her name as a brand all its own.

Below is a link to the London Fashion Week website that highlights the winners of the schemes & awards that are offered by the British Fashion Council.


Below is an image of the Collaboration Shoe Collection with Topshop.

Louise Goldin Shoes for Topshop


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