I’ve been looking at Bernd & Hilla Becher, they’re german artists/photographers. As mentioned in my previous post, there was a snippet about them in my most recent lecture and I liked the idea behind their work.

Their work is mainly of old industrialised buildings and spaces. Bernd originally began as a graphic painter and would often base his work on industrial structures however this changed and he became drawn more to the buildings themselves and thus began his photography. He started by collecting old photos and by 1956 he began to take his own. Hilla began her career in advertising photography and also taught at Dusseldorf Academy. When they met in 1959, they decided to work together and began making photographic series, primarily of industrial buildings amongst other things. From 1965 onwards, they travelled Europe and even across to the USA for their work.


By looking at their work and learning about their history, it is interesting to see how many people start in one place and watch their journey take them to another. It makes me think about the designer I want to be but also how much I don’t know where I’ll end up. Their work has taught me that even though one object can appear the same as another, there is always something that makes each unique. These details are important and I need to consider this when contextualising my work. This information will also help me build my essay/fmp proposal.


The past few weeks I have researched different areas, topics and practitioners for my essay & major project to help me start building ideas of what I want to base my major project on and what I want to write about in my essay. In 9 days I have to have a finished proposal outlining both my intentions for my major project and how I will contextualise/inform this through my essay. I am going to do some more designer research and look at some more historical figures to help build more of a research base.


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