I’ve been developing my work using the photos I took. I tested changing the shape of the bodice around to see how effective this was but I felt that it looked plain & wasn’t giving anything extra to my design. So then I thought about crochet – I looked at the pattern crochet makes & started to trace this onto my photo to see what the bodice section may look like. I thought it looked quite effective with the zig-zag pattern that it made. From this I then researched into different crochet stitches; Treble crochet, Angel stitch, Moss stitch then finally a mix of chain stitch & double crochet. I made samples of these to put into my work & then photographed these to work on them in CAD. I tried changing the exposure, hue, saturation & different effects on the images.


By doing this I have been able to see how different stitches work & also think about timescales as some obviously take longer than another. Whilst experimenting in CAD with the images of crochet, it made me think of my FMP & the possibility of using the pattern the stitches make and making a print from them. So instead of using this idea of crochet and literally using it in my design, I can experiment with other options and ideas.


In my next studio session, I am going to try a more of this 3D elements onto my bodice block and see what other techniques I can use for my development.

IMG_7719IMG_7718Crochet Angel StitchCrochet Treble StitchCrochet Moss StitchCrochet Chain And Double StitchSketchbook CPC


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