Today in the studio I started by pinning my bodice block to the stand and stepping back to look at it. Visualising how to move my experimentation further. Whilst looking through a friends book; Pattern Magic, I found a design that caught my eye. It had a knot in the centre that almost resembled a bow. I decided to try this, it was complex as the book gave little instruction on how to create everything exactly but I persevered. Using the bodice block that I already had, I was able to save fabric and work economically. I had to sew it together and cut into it (much like the video I was shown during the briefing for this project). However during the final stages it became apparent that I had made a mistake somewhere as I wasn’t able to tie the knot as was shown in the book. This could’ve been due to not having enough fabric on the block. I decided to machine the knot onto the bodice to complete it so I could continue to work onto it. Once complete I was able to build onto the toile, I plaited some rough pieces of calico and placed them on the centre front, I pinned, pinched & twisted material around the collar line & neck. Taking photos along the way to document each stage. At one stage I had this intricate warped design that I’d built down the front of my bodice in calico. I then decided to try a different fabric to continue this technique. It was a thicker woven material that also had a floral pattern on which made for a very effective design. I then removed the fabric and started thinking back to my crochet, as I didn’t have a hook, I used my finger to chain some jersey together which looked quite effective even though it was only a small strip. Janet, my tutor then showed me how to make string with fabric with looked like a rope. I also used my own scarf which I’d made and draped this on the stand.


Todays long experimentation process was in depth and allowed me to be creative in ways that I had not been before. Although my exploration my not have been successful all the time, this process of trial & error helps me to see what I’m capable of. I liked the idea of crocheting material instead of wool – this is deeply influencing to my FMP as it then becomes more about fabric manipulation instead of knitwear which I like. Although I like the idea of incorporating knitwear into my work – I don’t want it to be all that my work represents. Therefore had I not experimented in this way now, I may not have thought of this at a later stage.


From this extensive studio session, I am going to work in my sketchbook and look into fabric manipulation techniques. I think that this will allow me to explore new methods that I may not have seen or used before and expand my knowledge base. I am also going to start crocheting material to see what works and what doesn’t.

IMG_5968IMG_6061  IMG_6064 IMG_6063 IMG_6062IMG_6066IMG_6069 IMG_6071IMG_6072IMG_6070IMG_6079IMG_6083 IMG_6081     IMG_6080IMG_6092IMG_6091IMG_6090IMG_6093IMG_6096IMG_6095IMG_6094


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