To start with this week I’ve continued my research into crochet & found an artist who’s work I found interesting.

Susan Morrow was a 1970s crochet artist. I liked that there was something clearly dated about her work as it isn’t current day, the colours are very vibrant, lots of reds & clashes of purple. She mainly created art pieces that could be hung on walls for interior decoration. The use of different stitches within her work clearly made for a visible texture, I could imagine what it would feel like to touch. From a modern view, I would class this work as tribally inspired, one piece in particular reminded me of a totem pole.


I’ve also spent the week looking into the modern ‘Make do & mend’ culture. It was a scheme reborn by retail giant John Lewis. The idea was to help modern families through the recession. Much like the original version, it offered tips on money saving & how to live a more sustainable lifestyle to help push those pennies a bit further.


However, it seems that John Lewis were leaning towards a more ‘Make it yourself’ angle rather than mending. Which cleverly would encourage people to their haberdashery sections to stock up on those essential items to make their new bits & bobs.

Aside from this, there were some interesting tips outlined for an easier lifestyle such as:

  • Use a chalk boundary to keep ants away from your home.
  • Use half a raw potato to restore scuffed leather shoes.
  • Use a lemonade solution to help make those flowers last a bit longer.

Some unique points to make for modern day society. It’s clearly a statement of how much the times have changed, 1940s housewives were focused on repairing moth eaten or worn out clothing. In the 21st Century, we are more focused on keeping our flowers alive for a few extra days. Interesting.


From this I have discovered that modern society has a much different area of priorities to those of wartime wives. Of course I understand that there isn’t the imminent threat of bombings or clothes rationing but I think that there is clearly a similarity behind the method.

This is a good example of how todays culture is much more materialistic and maybe even wasteful (during times of poverty). This is something that will definitely have an impact on my own work, as I have a limited income, I will need to research thoroughly when it comes to fabric choices and how to make the most of my money.


I am going to see if there are any exhibitions on currently that could help with my research for this project.

I will continue to look into crochet & artists to widen my research around crochet as a whole.



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