I think that one of the most interesting periods of history was the transition from wartime rationing to the social boom of the 1950s. Although this wasn’t necessarily the case all over the world as England were still suffering through a severely damaged economy from the war. However this decade still was iconic through the eyes of fashion as it was truly a time for change.

Most recognisably for this decade was of course Dior’s ‘New Look’. Society needed a breath of fresh air, and he provided this for them. It was a new birth of femininity, and the next stage in design. He helped women of the time move from dated, limiting wartime dress to soft shoulders & full skirts.


An important part of any history is events that influenced the times. War, Plague, Religion, Music, Rebellion.

Steele (2000) describes post-war fashion as really feminine and romantic when compared to uniformity of wartime dress..

In todays western culture we live more lavish & civil lifestyles than some of the eastern countries. But history tells of struggles and happenings that lead to the modern day. The 1950s are a good learning example as it shows how the world in places differs, America had an economic boom in their society and the change in their culture was much quicker than ours. Events through history have a domino effect that keeps going.


I’ve briefly looked at the 1950s and how this changed after the war, I want to go backwards and look at society & culture before the war. Starting with the 1920s & moving through to the 1930s before war began. As I’ve chosen historical elements as an angle for my essay – I want to explore different decades to help me support my writing.


Below are some of the research sources I used, and also images of the iconic new look.




Unknown-1 Unknown


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