Following on from my research of the 1930s, I’ve decided to look at social classes & how these have changed since the beginning of the 20th Century. Obviously I will never be able to look through every detail of every decade, but to get the general understanding of how opinions and social culture changed would be beneficial to my research.


So the classes as identified through society today are known as:

Upper Class

Middle Class

Lower/Working Class

This sounds really offensive and degrading in some ways. Almost subtle discrimination. Certain roles provide higher pay bands and therefore put people into different classes. For example today’s society, higher paid people are taxed more than others who earn £17k per year. Today the majority of British people are in the Middle Class bracket. Working Class are affiliated as factory workers or agricultural roles. Upper Class is mainly people that have inherited their fortune or other aspects such as title, education, and also their recreational hobbies. Traditional sports such as hunting or shooting are still considered an aspect of the wealthy.

Funnily enough, another large give away of someones social status is accents. This would’ve most likely been the case in other eras too. Many of us have at some point pretended to be the posh people who drink with their little finger poking upwards and also practicing accents like the Royals for example.

The musical film Oliver is a great example of this, stereotyping the poor as strong cockney accents as portrayed by Jack Wild in his role of the Artful Dodger.


This research has reminded me of how stereotypical society can be. But I admit that when I think of all the things that influence me today, it’s easy to see how the times reflect others views. I still have a few days before my proposal is due so I am going to look at stereotypes. I remember having a lecture on this in my second year and believe that it will be an interesting topic to research.


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