So today I have been researching stereotypes. I looked at some of the obvious things like job roles; Nurses & Mechanics. Even things like food & drink; Beer & Wine. Whilst looking found an interesting article online that was about Typography. It was asking the whether a typeface could have a gender. I was intrigued so I read it and was surprised that the intellect behind it.

There were a number of examples within the article that made me smile, one in particular was of the word ‘chainsaw’ which was done in barbie pink princess type which ultimately, made it look girly. Although a chainsaw is far from this, it’s loud, dangerous and also associated with a famous massacre film! Further down the article there was another, ‘beautiful ballerina’ was written in brown think chunky type. Therefore it looked manly despite the words themselves describing something that is traditionally dainty, light footed & wears pink…(or is that just my own stereotype..?!).

However, there was another example of the work ‘Tree’. It was written in green with a neutral typeface (Helvetica). Therefore how does the argument go for the gender of that one? Well the conclusion was that it could easily be argued both ways of the gender scale.


This lead me to think about my own stereotypes that I often assume. For example…cars. When I see a flashy sports car (especially in my hometown), like a Ferrari, I naturally assume that it will be a balding, old man driving it! (Sorry!). Now I think that my judgement is logic because these cars are expensive & therefore associated with the rich. Most people do not become rich enough to enjoy these luxuries until later life when their families have grown up and have less outgoings. Therefore they spend them on things they couldn’t afford before. Obviously this is not the case for everyone and some people are just that rich to afford these things.

I really enjoyed this topic, I felt that it was interesting and showed me things that I hadn’t really considered before. I’ve learnt that things aren’t always as they seem and that design can be used as cleverly down to the typeface – which is something to consider when I make my own business cards as self promotion.


I think that I have researched a lot of topic areas the past few weeks and am going to collate my ideas and write my proposal ready for Monday. I’m confident that I have done enough research to lay the foundations for a good concept.


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