So today was my critique. After looking through my research and looking through the subject areas I’d looked at I felt that I had a fairly good proposal. When I spoke to my tutor, she looked over my proposal and indeed liked the basis of it however I had largely focused my major project around Crochet & she felt that I needed to expand on what aspect of this topic I wanted to discuss for my essay. So together we brainstormed and started pulling away from Crochet as a whole and started to make the slices.

She asked me what it was that I liked about Crochet, I said that I liked that is was handmade, that it reminded me of family because I was taught by my mum. And that I thought it would be an interesting concept for my major project.

This made me think about relationships, why I felt so passionate about Crochet. It’s personal, I produce it, it’s mine.

So we broke down the parts, and I started thinking about the difference of something handmade and something that was mass produced.

This then led to haute couture & how they have specific clients that garments are tailored for whereas commercialised fashion is made for a range of people.

Then I started thinking about the differences between the two, commercial fashion is essentially cheap and disposable whereas something that is considered couture, is not.


This has really helped me to think more about concepts and how they’re build. I believe that I’ve come away with a really strong concept idea and context for my essay. This has given my a great focus point for my research so I can really start going into depth in areas that I haven’t already. I’m going to write about peoples relationships with possessions & how this affects them.


I am going to start my research by looking back at the beginning of haute couture to learn more about it as I’ve never really looked at couture before.


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