Since my last experimentation on the stand, I have been working on some illustrations/design development. I thought it was time to start sketching some ideas to see what I wanted to create at the end of this project to help direct my work in the right direction. So far I have developed some long length dresses & two pieces as these are a popular trend in current fashion. I’ve considered the creative aspect to the pattern and I’m looking at panelling. I’ve also continued researching on different methods of manipulation to help my development and exploration.


To experiment with this idea of panelling, I thought that the best way to test this was to use body tape on the stand. This allowed me to try different styles of panelling and be highly experimental with my 3D practice. Some of my ideas were more successful than others and I took one of them further to actually make a half toile.


Using the images of my work using the body tape, I am going to sketch on top of these to further my design development and also to see how I could incorporate different techniques within my design.

IMG_6252 IMG_6791 IMG_6251IMG_6199 IMG_6198 IMG_6197IMG_6777IMG_6778


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