Whilst researching crochet artists this week, I found the work of one individual extremely inspiring.

Portuguese based French artist; Joana Vasconcelos takes inspiration for her work by decontextualizing everyday objects. Her work is mainly done on large scales (much larger than I ever imagined) to the extent that she creates artwork that her audience can walk into and really interact with.

Not only is the amount of crocheting involved unbelievable, she enhances this by using a mixed media approach, often incorporating LED lighting and videography.

I liked that her work was modern, quirky & colourful. The images that I’ve gathered for my sketchbook are really beautiful.

Interestingly, some of a contextual substance is focused on social class such as the distinction of women.


This is fits in well to my overall research for this project and this unplanned theme of handmade craft. Crochet is clearly bigger than I originally thought, I almost expected to see endless amounts of granny squares.

This has helped me to see how crochet can be worked into conceptual artwork & also how other media can be used to enhance work rather than hinder it.

I recall a seminar I had in my 2nd year that was introducing my peers & I to the technological advances that are being seen within fashion throughout the world today.

Self heating jackets, fibre optics within clothing, fibres that change colour depending on the lighting (like a mood rings do to heat).

I think that should I eventually use crochet within my final collection, I should explore ideas on how to use it – not just make my own jumpers etc.


Next week I am going to an exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London which is called Knitwear Chanel to Westwood and is (as the title clearly confirms) about the changes of knitwear from past to present. This should be interesting and insightful


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