The Science Museum


Today I visited the Science museum in London, it was very educational and I was able to take pictures of objects that I found interesting/inspiring.

I found a section on the cosmos, which was intriguing but I, smaller than I’d expected. I found some interesting objects that I thought were relevant and beautiful – one was a globe that had all the star constellations on it. The other was a large wall clock that had all the star signs around it which was different.

Whilst there I was also able to look at materials, molecular structure & microstructure.

So What:

By using the images that I took from this research trip, I feel that I will be in a better position to develop my ideas further and start focusing more on building my concept idea. It has given me more insight into the world of science and physics and I now have the foundations to begin looking at individual theories and ideas.

Now What:

I’m not going to look into Cosmology further and see how I might use this in design; I also plan to look at gravity. To do this I will use secondary resources (mainly books) and start working towards my final concept idea.


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