Research Development


I have been looking at cosmology & astronomy through various resources. I’ve taken inspiration from my Science Museum photos and experimented with some ideas in CAD. Some of the books that I have found on this topic were quite helpful, however since looking further into this area I feel that this isn’t what I would like to base my concept on. I also investigated into gravity and read about Newton’s law of universal gravity, which I found very interesting.

So What:

After concluding that I didn’t want to base my concept on cosmology, I chose to delve further into the world of Gravity and Sir Isaac Newton in particular; his theory of universal gravity was not outlined in he brief however I did find it interesting. I have developed some interesting ideas that I believe could be translated into design, which I feel has moved me closer to my final concept.

Now What:

I am going to continue researching into Newton’s law of universal gravity and also see if any of this other theories can contribute to my design or concept development as there could be a possibility of incorporating more than one element of physics into my final concept idea.


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