Further Development of Ideas


I have been looking deeper into Newton to try and gain a better understanding of his universal gravity law. Whilst doing this I have also found another theory of Newton’s that I found myself drawn to, his theory of light & colour. I have looked further into this and generating my own designs in CAD – as I did with cosmology. Still keeping my Final Major Project in mind and using my idea of texture & print.

So What:

From this research I have begun to develop a conceptual idea in my head that could work exceptionally well as a final design. By exploring these different angles but looking at more than one aspect of a singular physicist, I have remembered some simple elements that I had forgotten about – such as the Prism experiment of refracting light. This has allowed me to re-visit my earlier education and process it in a different way. I believe that this is a key quality to have as a thinking practitioner, as it enables me to develop a stronger basis for my final concept.

Now What:

As I have developed ideas around both Gravity & Refraction, I am going to see if there is a way I can incorporate both into my design and conduct my own experiments to enhance my research.


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