Experimentation of Refraction & Design Development


After I looked into Newton’s theory of light further, I decided to conduct some of my own experiments. I liked the idea of refracting light but as I didn’t have a prism when I decided to do this, I ordered one from the Internet. Whilst I was waiting for this to arrive I decided to try some household items to see how well they worked. I used a glass of water, a small plastic crystal, and rings.

So What:

It was important for me to conduct these experiments with my own take on it rather than just using a prism as I wanted to see how I might use refraction in my design. Subsequently, some of my experiments were rather successful and I was able to gather some great images for my research, sketchbook & portfolio. From this I have a clearer understanding of what works with refraction.

Now What:

From these experiments I am sure that refraction is where I want to work my concept from but I haven’t forgotten my gravitational law idea either. So using what I have learnt, I am going to develop design ideas and begin outlining my concept to incorporate both elements of physics. These thought processes & experimentation are essential for my development as I am exploring contexts for my Essay context.


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