Concept Development – ‘Hypnotic Deflection’


After finally deciding what areas I wanted to focus on for my concept & design development, I began researching into art & design to see if I could find any links to projects that are similar to this one. I managed to find a few pieces that really inspired & intrigued me. One was collaboration between a Dutch designer & a Dutch artist. They created a dress that was moulded from magnets, iron filings, and molten plastic. By using nothing but the force of gravity with a little help of the human hand, together they created a wonderful design. Secondly was a series of photos that gave the image of a world with no gravity. The photographer used ropes to suspend the models & then later edited these out and was left with some cleverly created images.

So What:

By doing this, I was able to identify clear direct links between the fashion industries to the physics one. It gave me a better understanding of what I could achieve through conceptual thinking. It also gave me a good insight how to think outside of the box rather than just literally taking something and putting it into fashion. Rather than using my first idea of attaching prisms to a garment with LED lights pointing at them at different angles, as after conducting my experiments with other materials, I am now moving forward with my practical thinking. I have also been able to finalise my concept idea which I have called ‘Hypnotic Deflection’ because I want to use both magnetism & refraction within my design ideas and both of these words are descriptive of these but in a less direct way.

Now What:

Using what I have learnt from this research and from my finalised concept, I am going to do further experimentation to look at incorporating refraction & magnetism on my garment design. I will be thinking about the surface of my fabric/design as I am looking at manipulation/handmade techniques for my Final Major Project, Essay & Creative Pattern Cutting,


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