Today was the briefing for this unit, standard information was provided such as the total number of credits (45) the individual breakdowns of the projects within this unit (FAD, Creative Pattern Cutting & Fashion East)

There are two parts to this Unit that one of which is a presentation that is to be completed after Christmas (worth 30% of unit weighting).

This project is called FAD. This is a competitive unit as there is an opportunity for this project work if selected by my tutor to be put through to a national competition. Due to my high ambitiousness, I obviously want to be selected for this.

The project outlines the similarities in Physics & Design. Due to the inquisitive nature of them both, there are certain aspects and processes that can be linked between these two disciplines.

I’ve been encouraged to perform experiments and look at design from a scientific approach. There are topic guidelines that offer an angle to approach this project such as: Physicists theories like Relativity, Chaos, Multiverse or other aspects like forces such as gravity, electro magnetism and even wider subjects like cosmology, transformation of matter & particles.

I have already been drawn to the idea of cosmology, gravity and possibly molecular structure.

The deliverables for this project are a sketchbook, design three outfits, and create an e-portfolio that will include 20 finished research pages & a mood board.

To Summarise:

WHAT: I’ve learnt that there are similarities between design & physics and this is what FAD project is based around.

SO WHAT: I can investigate these similarities and understand how I can incorporate this into my research/practice and build my concept idea.

NOW WHAT: I will explore the outlined topics further through research & begin developing my sketchbook.


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