Idea Generation

Since being given the brief for this project, I created a mind map to help pinpoint some topics that I wanted to research. The areas I’ve narrowed down are; Waves, Gravity, Cosmology & The Light Spectrum.

An initial thought I had was to incorporate LED lights (which is becoming more common in current design) and also incorporate print into it as I am already considering this as the context for my FMP & Essay discussion topic. In response to this idea, I decided to research into technologies within textiles & found some helpful information/images.

I thought about I star constellations, I thought that this was a beautiful, inspiring topic as not only is it relevant but also something that is everlasting, which may not be thought of as an angle for design. Nothing lasts forever in fashion but if it could, what would it be? I also thought that this would compliment my previous idea of using LED lights in some way.

Whilst researching, I found a theory that wasn’t outlined i the brief; Newton’s Theory of Gravity. I found this interesting, especially the story of his discovery with the apple falling from the tree whilst retreating in the countryside as sickness & disease swept the city. I feel that I need to conduct further research into how I might use this in design and how this could link to my initial idea.

As a result of my initial research, I’ve decided to visit the Science Museum in London as I feel that this would be a beneficial opportunity to explore these topics further and gain some good secondary research for my developmental work.

 To Summarise:

 WHAT: I’ve learnt about the outlined topics and explored new ones that I would like to research further.

SO WHAT: I have a better understanding of the similarities between Physics & Design and can explore beyond the boundaries of the brief, to generate & contextualise my own ideas.

NOW WHAT: I am going to conduct some secondary research to develop my ideas and get further insight into my chosen topics.



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