So today I’ve been looking into other designers of couture history. I chose to research Madeleine Vionnet. Some of the books I’ve been reading from the library, have references to her and it would seem that she was quite a poignant figure of her time.

Madeleine Vionnet

The French born couturier began her career by completing an apprenticeship in dressmaking. She worked in a number of Parisian couture houses before opening her own salon in 1912. She made her name int he couture business by becoming renowned for her work using bias cuts that she then expertly draped over the body.

Her work was highly regarded and was sought after by the wealthiest and also by the most important photographers of that time. The V&A name these as Edward Steichen, Cecil Beaton, George Hoyningen-Huene and of course the well remembered P.Horst.

Her work was so popular throughout Europe that her reputation gained her clients from further afield. North Americas Baroness Robert de Rothschild was one of her clients amongst others.

Throughout her time in the limelight, Vionnet was often credited by Vogue. In 1925 she was named by them as the greatest French couturier of their time.

Although Vionnet’s couture house was closed in 1939, her experience & methods are still recognised today by other couturiers.


I’ve found that it was common for people to start their careers through apprenticeships or other means. It’s also quite warming to see that a working woman of that time was so highly regarded & her legacy was kept alive through the couturiers of today. Although trends, styles & technology may have changed, when it comes to couture the items are handmade to perfection. This is something that is special & requires attention to detail. From my research it is clear than Vionnet was nothing less than a perfectionist. I’ve also learnt that getting noticed was as important to a designers success as it is today.


I am going to continue my research into other fashion figures from history. I am also going to look at some museums and see if there are any relevant exhibitions on at the moment that could help with my research & get some good visual support for my research & essay.


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