Concept Design Development & Further Experimentation of Materials.


So as I outlined my ideas in my concept, I continued to experiment & I found a perfume bottle that refracted some lovely patterns and shapes of light. This then led me to experiment with the patterns and created my own pattern in Photoshop. I also bought Rhinestone Crystals as from my research, I knew that these would refract light so I made an entire page of these in my sketchbook, which looks very effective, and I can imagine this on a garment. I also bought some glass crystals as from previous experiments; I knew that glass refracts light. I then edited the photos I took in Photoshop to develop these further. I have also been adding fabric swatches to my sketchbook to show that I have been considering what materials I might use for different designs & general research/experimentation. Using found images and my own, I also created an initial mood-board ready for my critique session.

So What:

By doing these additional experiments, I have been able to further my knowledge about what type of crystals work best and how much these might cost if I were to incorporate these into my final design – this is important as I would need to consider these aspects when designing collections through creating cost sheets & proposals. I’ve also started thinking about the patterns that light creates & the lines that refraction makes. This means that my thinking has moved on from literally using refraction to moving my ideas forward in a more creative way.

Now What:

As part of this project, I have to consider illustrative style and how I want to present my work. Therefore I am going to conduct some research on illustration and see who different designers/artist/illustrators relate there work. This will be relevant to my Final Major Project work, my other projects for this unit and also my future career. Once I have done this, I will continue with my design development using the knowledge I will have gained.


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