The Critique


Today was my critique session for the FAD project, it went well overall and I received some good & critical feedback from my tutor. She asked me some questions that I was unprepared for which was an excellent learning curve for me. One of these was related to my mood-board; ‘what does this tell people?’ and it stumped me. I realised that I could made something look pretty with overcrowding the page but I’d slightly missed my target goal of reiterating my concept idea through this page. I needed to look at the information I had gathered and decide which parts relate my ideas clearly. I also received feedback on the scale of detail on my illustrations. As I wanted to use the glass crystals I’d purchased, I decided to add these to my illustrations and my working drawings to clarify the scale of the crystals. However – a 4mm crystal on a A4 illustration looks much larger than what it would on an actual garment. I was advised against doing this as it can make me designs misleading and unclear.

So What:

From this Critique, I feel that I can go back to my work & develop this further. I can take the feedback I’ve received and action this into my practice. Sessions like these are important as it’s other peoples opinions of your work that will determine how successful as a professional I will be. If buyers don’t like my work, then they wouldn’t make any orders to stock their retailers with my designs. So I must always take feedback on board and respond accordingly to improve my work.

Now What:

I am going to use today as a starting point to improve my work. I will begin by revisiting my mood-board; it would most likely benefit me to research mood-boards to see how I can build on mine. Then I will go back to my final illustrations and see how I can adjust these to suit my concept/design ideas. Remembering scale, relevance & reasoning behind my design.


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