Final Stages of Development


Since the Critique I have been working on my illustrations and experimenting with different techniques. I have conducted research for this part of my development on illustrative style. For my illustrations I drew a basic outline and then using CAD I edited them to my style. I felt that my garments would need a dark/black fabric base because I maintain my idea of using crystals to refract light – which I believe would be more effective on a dark background. I also felt that if I used a lighter colour such as white or cream – it would look a bit wedding like which I didn’t want. I also have developed my final illustrations to have elemental colours of the spectrum which fits into my concept beautifully. I also took inspiration from my experiments with the perfume bottle & considered printed elements on the fabric as well as the shape for my garments. The fitted, tight aspect at the top and a rounded – outspread base. I also used tried other medias such as 3D elements, Paints & additional hand drawn skills to enhance my illustrations.

So What:

By doing this I have greatly improved my CAD skills as I experimented with different tools & techniques to improve my illustrations and make them look less like plain 2D drawings. By shading in certain places, changing the face of my design it has allowed me to improve my illustrative style as a whole. By incorporating other medias, I have strengthened my work as it showcases my other skills not just my CAD ones. This is essential as it allows me to be more diverse as a designer but also links to my Final Major Project/Essay idea of handmade/hand techniques. I also have a clear developmental design process which shows my exploration of illustration & defined my own style.

Now What:

Now that I have completed all the essential aspects to this project and have all the material I need, I am ready to put together my final design boards & final line up. I’ve already decided to do these on an A3 scale as I want my professional portfolio to be A3. The reason I have decided to do this is because I believe that it will allow my work to be displayed in clear fashion. I am a thorough researcher & feel that A4 wouldn’t provide an adequate space for my to showcase all my project work successfully.


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