When I first read the brief for this project, I was unsure as to how successful I would be at it.

Physics isn’t a common part of my daily thinking so it was new territory for me. Once I started researching, I found that there were elements that I remembered from earlier education.

I researched some key figures within the Physics world, did both primary & secondary research and also conducted numerous experiments.

 I believe I accomplished a lot for a three-week project but exploring different pathways is essential to the design journey.

 My concept was to work light & magnetism into design through various means. I think I was quite literal in my interpretation, and looking back I could potentially have been more innovative with my design.

 I am happy with what I achieved as I researched my topics thoroughly in order to produce my illustrative collection.

 If I were to do this project again, I would probably do more illustrative research, be more adventurous with my designs and try to be less literal in my concept interpretation.


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