I have spent the last few days researching further into Horst’s work. I particularly wanted to look at his fashion photography years and the work he did for Vogue.

As the 1930s brought advanced into a new era with colour photography, Horst used and adapted this into his own language. Some his images are magnificent. I found one featuring the work of Schiaparelli that was more of a silhouette than a person. The colourful background almost fades away to allow focus on the beauty of the female form. They’re quite intimate & personal in my opinion.

I was able to research Horst during wartime as this was an important part of the worlds history. It would seem that his work was barely displayed due to the occupation of France & Paris in particular. My research has already told me that these times were a detrimentally affect on fashion as many ateliers were forced to close and most designers /couturiers fled the country. Supplies were also a big part of this problem as there were limitations across every aspect of life.

Horst himself was called up for service in 1943, the few years that preceded this were his most productive.

The rarely available materials that French designers needed left the world wanting for fashion. This however worked in favour of American designers & allowing them to establish a style their own.


From this I’ve learnt of the advances in technology changed the way practitioners worked, new equipment = new methods. Its also taught me that the economic misfortunes of some can positively influence another. Horst has a long eventful history that is interesting. The idea that one event cascades through to affect others is evident through my research.


I’m going to move my research forward more and look at post war design. With Horst being my primary target at the moment, I am going to see how his work progressed with the times (pop culture) and whether there were any other significant events in the fashion industry.


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