I’ve looked at the early years of Horst, through the war and now I want to move forward into the more recent decades. I want to pull on historical aspects for my essay but I don’t want this to be completely focused on pre 1940. There were some exciting changes after the war, not just in fashion.

In the 1950s Horst did a range of self distinctive images, unlike his previous works that featured elegant women, these featured males. Horst had a lot of focus on form throughout his work, there is a lot of emphasis on the desired human form which he achieved through the use of light & shadow.

The 1960s saw another change for Vogue, especially in America as Diana Vreeland was appointed as Editor in Chief of the magazine. Horst managed to secure some of the most exclusive images during this time.

The 1970s weren’t the best decade for Horst, the consistent styles probably caused limitations on his work and he didn’t produce many photographs.

However this wasn’t the end of Horst’s career as in the 1980s style enthusiasts led to more commissioned work. This helped boost his career again and he continued to produce work until 1992 when he was forced to retire due to failing eyesight.


It’s clear that Horst was influenced by the changing of the times, he used his imaginative interpretation of form to create beautiful portraits. There were some hard times for him when work was scarce but he continued to power through and produce work that added to his legacy.

‘Fashion is an expression of the times. Elegance is something else again.’
Horst, 1984

Horst is an important figure in fashion photography & researching how his work developed and the creative imagery he made has been extremely helpful to look into different topics and possible areas of discussion.

This has drawn me more to the effects that social & economical issues have on fashion.


I’m going to look at the more modern side of couture, I think this will help my research when comparing it to the modern commercialised fashion. Tomorrow I have an Essay Seminar with Mo Lea, to help with subject specific writing. This should enable me to start planning my essay thoroughly.






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