Title: Essay seminar with Mo

Collect as many references from books, websites, journals, magazines and other articles.

For every 100 words you need to have 1 reference (Minimum of 20)

By demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about and that you show you have researched in depth on your chosen topic, you are more likely to achieve a higher grade.

The first thing that you need to write about in your main body is the broadened subject area.

What designers link to your topic area?

Name at least 3-4 designers that relate to your practice, identify these & then research them: Louise Goldin, Balenciaga?

Find out who was critical about their work?

How does this relate to your own practice?

Main body (Eg; Minimalism) – you have to inform the reader of the definition of minimalism, what it is, where it started etc? (Your context)

Next: you need to write about how this influences fashion

Then: move on to talk about specific designers and how this influences their work.

Part One = Your context    Part Two = Your Research

Go to see Chris Whitfield as he will be able to identify some material that is relevant to your context for your essay.

Look at how to separate references (see handbook)

Write in chunks – Why are your writing about what you’ve chosen? why is this important to you? how does this affect designers?

Include images but be selective about the images you use. (next to the writing – like first year essay) Describe the image, what you see in the picture, what it demonstrates? – contextualise it within your writing.

Structure = Context – Designers – My FMP

Use appendixes for your images.

Do not accept hard copies of essays anymore so must be handed in on turn it in.

If you have any issues with turn it in; email it to Mo & Course leader and then screen shot this to prove that you submitted it on time.

You can email Mo questions & work that you have done so far to help with essay. (write year 3 essay help in subject box)

Asked Mo about my essay from last year & she said that I should write academically in the same style as I did last year. But email her with the chunks that I write.

Wednesday 27th November at 1:20pm – 121 tutorial with Mo


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