This week I have been developing my 2D work through sketched and design development. I have started to illustrate my progress of this project through actual garment design. I chose to use an image of a mannequin that I took in the studio – I then edited this and decided that this would be the background for my designs. I felt this suited my work better as it fitted in with the experimentation that I have been doing throughout this project. Also, as this project is centred around working on the stand, I felt this also worked with the brief.


Now that I have started my design development and decided how I am going to present these. I am going to continue this work and carry on developing my ideas. Looking again at fabric manipulation (ruffles, pleats, pinching etc.) This should help me to improve my work and develop some conceptual designs.


To help with this continued development and theme of fabric manipulation, I am going to visit the V&A to look at their long standing fashion displays and see if I can get some good examples of how these techniques could look when included within a garment design. I am also going to do some trend research to see what is currently popular & start thinking about a colour palette for this project.

Front CPC Illustration Back CPC Illustration Template


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