Today I’ve devoted my research time to looking at the modern works of Design house Balenciaga.

Firstly I wanted to discover when exactly the label was reborn as my research into Balenciaga’s career showed me that he closed his couturier. It was in the nineties that saw the fashion house return to the industry, but into the ready to wear sector instead. In 1997 Nicolas Ghesquière was made creative director and led the company until 2012.

His biography on Vogue tells that he was truly a sensation within the company and his collections were highly sought after, (much like Balenciaga in his day). So much so that their flagship store in Paris was unable to meed the sales demands due to the number of consumers.

Nicolas Ghesquière took Balenciaga’s legacy and gave it a modern, fresh & innovative edge. He is now the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

Alexander Wang is now the creative director of the fashion house.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the collections from when Nicolas Ghesquière was in charge & the recent years from Alexander Wang. The reliable vogue.com was able to provide me with detailed images & reviews of the past collections.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s collections for the company had large influences from past trends. Biker girl punk, soft sixties & even shiny sci-fi all made an appearance over the years. There was lots of life int he garments with appropriate use of colour for the collections.

Wang’s debut collection for the company in 2013 was a reflection of his usual tastes. Black, Whites and Greys dominated the catwalk. However, he had clearly done his research as there were similarities between the works of both designers.

Sloping shoulders, curvy hemlines – shape focused.


I’ve seen from my research that even two individuals can have similar goals from the same influences. It was good to see the unique interpretations of their work whilst under the Balenciaga umbrella rather than their own labels.

Also that there are common traits that are carried through the design style, like a tribute to Balenciaga himself. It makes the collections feel personal but also that they truly represent the brand. It’s their signature style.


In the same comparison, I am going to look at the modern works of design house Vionnet, as they were a former couturier that have spread their roots to the ready to wear side of the fashion industry.

Balenciaga AW14 Two Balenciaga RTW AW14 Three Balenciaga RTW AW14 Balenciaga RTW SS15 Four Balenciaga RTW SS15 Three Balenciaga RTW SS15 Two


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